Susan has many years of experience producing ceramic tile designs. In the 1980’s she worked for Sloane Square Tiles producing designs for individual and corporate clients before leaving to start her own business.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Susan can work from photos and ideas discussed over the telephone or can arrange to visit your home.

From these discussions an initial draft design is produced. Once it has been agreed a more detailed image is painted using watercolours. From this we create a digital copy which can be manipulated to produce a ceramic template which we fire into the tiles to create the main image. The panel is produced in the workshop in Stoke-on-Trent.

Susan can advise on the tile manufacturers to avoid. Some foreign imports do not survive being re-fired! It is also important to be aware of the glaze used on the tile surface as finishes such as crackled glaze are difficult to use. If you are in any doubt please send us a sample. We can examine the tile and if unsure we can arrange a test fire to make sure they are suitable.

Once the space for the tiles is measured and tile size is known we can advise on how many tiles are needed.

We can purchase the tiles on your behalf or you can buy them and send them to us.

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