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Stag Christmas Tree Decorations


Stag Christmas Tree Decorations

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Product Description

Why not purchase one of our Stag Christmas Tree decorations featuring a pencil drawing of a Stag for your tree – a perfect gift for anyone with an interest in the English countryside!

Decorated with one of Susan’s original hand-drawn pencil images inspired by her love of the English countryside, the Stag is just one animal featured in our set of 5 English bone china baubles that we are offering this Christmas. Please follow the links below to visit the others in the collection:


Red Squirrel



The Red Deer is the largest land-mammal in the UK with a stag standing 107-137cm at the shoulder and weighing 90-190kg. Red deer only have red coats in summer and in winter they grow longer and darker hairs.

The antlers on a stag may reach up to 1.7 m (5.5 ft) across, and be covered in a dark shaggy mane. They use their antlers during the rut, which takes place in autumn to establish the dominant male in the herd.  Antlers fall off in winter and re-grow in time for the next year’s conquests.

Choose from a Hare, Stag, Red Squirrel, Fox or Salmon.  Click on the individual animal names to follow the links to find more about these animals.

Each is hand-decorated with an image and is finished with either a hand-painted metallic gold or silver top and comes ready to hang on the tree with a U.K. made ribbon tie in complementary colours.

These traditional tree decorations are hand-made and hand-decorated by one of our skilled china makers in the Longton district of Stoke-on-Trent – a region that has a long tradition of bone china production.  We at Susan Rose China are proud to support British manufacturing at its finest.

This piece makes for a very relevant memento whether that be for the field sport enthusiast, conservationist or for those fun occasions such as the proverbial “stag” weekend.

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Height: 8cm

Circumference: 22cm



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