Penguins Christmas Cake Plate

Penguins English bone china Cake Plate


Cake plate decorated with Penguins


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Product Description

This Penguins Cake Plate is a beautiful piece at any time of year but is the perfect complement to your festive eating celebrations!

Decorated with Susan’s original hand drawn images of these fascinating flightless aquatic birds, this traditional style cake plate pays homage to the various different species that inhabit the Southern Hemisphere.  The heads of the King, Rockhopper, Emperor, Chinstrap, Adelie, Gentoo, Macaroni and Magellanic penguins adorn this traditional plate – perfect for presenting your traditional festive cake!

Did you know that it is a myth that these birds can only live in cold climates?  The Galapagos species of this bird for example, lives on tropical islands at the equator.  Follow this link for more information about the History of the Penguins.

The largest of these fascinating birds is the Emperor Penguin which is known for its stately demeanour and its black and white colouration with areas of yellow on the head, neck and breast whilst the smallest of these birds is The Little Blue Penguin or Fairy Penguin which is native to Australia and New Zealand.

This traditional plate is hand-made and hand-decorated by one of our skilled china makers in the Longton district of Stoke-on-Trent – a region that has a long tradition of bone china production. It is one of the most difficult pieces for the china makers to produce due to the large single flat surface area. We at Susan Rose China are proud to support British manufacturing at its finest.

This lovely Penguin design is also featured on our tankard mugs and Rectangular Dishes which make a perfect complement to this stunning polar centrepiece!

The piece is finished with a hand-painted Black Rim to add that modern contemporary feel to a traditional piece of English bone china.

A must have for all those penguin lovers.

Diameter 25cm


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