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Hare Christmas Tree Decorations


Hare Christmas Tree Decorations

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Why not purchase one of our Hare Christmas Tree decorations featuring a pencil drawing of a Hare for your tree – a perfect gift for anyone with an interest in the English countryside!

Decorated with one of Susan’s original hand-drawn pencil images inspired by her love of the English countryside, the Hare is just one animal featured in our set of 5 English bone china baubles that we are offering this Christmas. Please follow the links below to visit the others in the collection:


Red Squirrel



Hares are classified in the same family as rabbits but the hare is known for its long, black-tipped ears and fast running – reaching up to speeds of 45mph when evading predators. It prefers a mosaic of farmland and woodland habitats and can often be spotted in fields.  They are similar in size and form to rabbits and have similar herbivorous diets, but generally have longer ears and live either on their own or in pairs.

Choose from a Hare, Stag, Red Squirrel, Fox or Salmon.  Click on the individual animal names to follow the links to find more about these animals.

Each is hand-decorated with an image and is finished with either a hand-painted metallic gold or silver top and comes ready to hang on the tree with a U.K. made ribbon tie in complementary colours.

These traditional tree decorations are hand-made and hand-decorated by one of our skilled china makers in the Longton district of Stoke-on-Trent – a region that has a long tradition of bone china production.  We at Susan Rose China are proud to support British manufacturing at its finest.

This piece makes for a very relevant memento whether that be for the field sport enthusiast, conservationist or for those fun occasions such as the proverbial “stag” weekend.

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Height: 8cm

Circumference: 22cm



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