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Product Description

Dr Who is travelling through time with our mug! Celebrate the series finale of the 12th Doctor and debut of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor with a Dr Who Mug of History.

Can you name all 13 doctor’s since the start of Dr Who in 1963? The Mug is decorated with the names of all 13 Doctors along with a couple of favourite villains.

Designed especially by Susan for her much loved nephew and Dr Who fanatic, Susan placed her drawings of her favourite characters such as the Cybermen and Daleks, into the hand written words.

As children, Susan and her sister, the novelist Barbara  Claypole White, would spend most Dr Who episodes hiding behind the sofa incase the Dalek’s made an appearance!

Years later when she was busy designing the mug Susan discovered there were many things about The Dr she never knew. For example The Dr’s extremely long scarf was created by accident and the Daleks nearly underwent a redesign!

Did you know  that there is Dr Who fan club and another in America. People from all over the world just love Dr Who and now we have a new Doctor making history with the arrival of Jodie Whittaker.

If you like our Mug Full of History design you might like to read our blog about how Susan developed the idea to tell a story of an organisation or a moment in history using English bone china. No doubt Susan will be making and designing many more mugs like the Dr Who mug, telling new stories and describing more historical events so loved by so many people. Let’s just hope they don’t make anyone hide behind the sofa or start knitting double length scarves by accident!

All our china is handmade in Stoke using English bone china and then decorated in our Longton workshop.

Height: 9 cm

Capacity: 1/2 pint


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