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Captain Scott Mug full of History


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Celebrate the polar exploits of Captain Scott by purchasing an English bone china mug telling the story of Scott’s ill-fated expedition on the Terra Nova to the South Pole which culminated in the death of Scott and his four companions in 1912 and ultimately led to the founding of the internationally renowned Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) in Cambridge in 1920.   SPRI’s mission is to enhance the understanding of the polar regions through scholarly research and publication, educating new generations of polar researchers, caring for and making accessible its collections (including its library, archival, photographic and object collections), and projecting the history and environmental significance of the polar regions to the wider community for public benefit;  it is a great place to visit if you are at all interested in polar exploration!

The Terra Nova was originally built as a whaling ship in 1884 but first came to prominence as the relief ship for Scott’s ‘Discovery’ expedition in 1903 and a couple of years later rescued members of the American Ziegler Polar Expedition. However, her primary claim to fame like that of Captain Scott, rests mainly with her use for his second expedition.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s scientific expedition aboard the Terra Nova, depicted on this English bone china mug and designed in the style of our “Mug full of History”, is decorated with Susan’s hand-drawn images from the revolutionary motor sledges first used here to the world famous Ponting photographs with supporting text hand-drawn to give the humble mug a new contemporary twist!

If you love your Polar heroes, why not treat yourself or any of your friends to both this and its companion “Mug full of History” celebrating the exploits of Sir Ernest Shackleton?

This traditional English bone china tankard mug is hand-made and hand-decorated by one of our skilled china makers in the Longton district of Stoke-on-Trent – a region that has a long tradition of bone china production. We at Susan Rose China are proud to support British manufacturing at its finest.

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Height: 8.5cm

Capacity: 1/2 pint


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