Ashes Urn

The Ashes urn is a symbol of one of cricket’s oldest and most intense rivalries, the battle between England and Australia. The tiny urn, approximately four inches tall, is believed to contain the ashes of a burnt cricket bail, representing the “death” of English cricket after Australia’s victory over England in 1882. The term “Ashes” was coined, and the urn became a symbol of the ongoing competition. It is not the official trophy of the Ashes series, but rather a cherished artifact displayed at Lord’s Cricket Ground in England. The urn represents the enduring spirit and history of the iconic cricket rivalry.

Susan Rose China has been making replica urns for the MCC for many years in Stoke.

The Urns are hand made from English bone china. From the white blank the urn is painted and fired multiple times to build up the depth of the red colour. It is finished by painting the base and applying the labels.


Prince George clearly loved his day out at the Ashes with his Dad.


Prince George